Pulpish is a place where I can spotlight other writers.

I envision it as a small taste of their work and a little bit about themselves.  The actual post will appear on my main blog but here are some guidelines for anyone interested in posting.

Pulpish starts with a Twitter sized story (140 characters max.)  The guidelines are really any genre that would fit into a pulp magazine.  For example, my first story is:

The Hog Brothers loved when Lenny brought meat.

He’d toss the body and they’d feast.

Then, the ladies dried up and Lenny went on the menu.

Along with the story, send me a small bio with your publications and your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This is just for fun and exposure, but it is very fun and hopefully it will help writers get connected to other writers and readers.

Send your Pulpish story and your information to stanleyweiss2 <at> gmail.com


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