I am Iron Man (A small review)

I went to see Ironman at the early showing last night.  I went in with high hopes and I have to say that it was even better than I thought it would be.  Downey was the perfect choice for Tony Stark and he plays the part with wonderful confliction.  Jon Favreau shows that he can really direct and adds tons of things that a fan boy like me loves.

It was a packed theater and I the crowd was amazing.  A movie like this is one to see with a large whooping and cringing audience.  If you do go see it, wait till after the credits for a little promise of future fan boy bliss and a surprise guest star.

My two small gripes are that the final big fight was not near as great as the rest of the movie.  It seems to be a trend with superhero movies that the climax doesn’t live up to the origin story .

Also, Gwenneth Paltrow wasn’t needed at all.  She looks very fake and out of place as Stark’s secretary and confidant.

Those two things aside, the movie was a great thrill ride and a wonderful entry as first blockbuster of the season.  Check it out if you get a chance.


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